TJK, abbreviation for our CEO’s mothers name ‘Tahmina Jilani Khalid’, is a home grown brand that begun from merely nothing but a vision. Maham Khalid, the CEO was focused on becoming a mogul when other people her age were fixated on taking selfies for their IG. 

Coming from a medical background and while studying in dental school she came up with this protean idea of fusing comfort with style, and giving desi the luxurious touch that it rightly deserves.

After being coaxed into bringing the idea to mainstream market, with a twirl of a finger, TJK Designs went from being a niche to a household name. 

TJK was launched in 2018, the quality and clientele has escalated from there onwards. TJK Designs tries to bridge gap between influencers and consumers bringing high-end fashion door to door. 

TJK Designs has a diverse and eccentric team that was build over time and is gilt-edged at what they do. From managing social media; savvy posts and putting up a plethora of stories each day, to handling the customer care and addressing all queries on the page, TJK Designs take pride in stating the credentials of our sterling team.

There's of course the quintessential part-artisans, that TJK Designs gathered from all nooks and who are a maestro of their karigari! The in-house employees play their part in ensuring everyone receives their order in due time and diminish any chances of error.

Once the order is ready, it’s ready to be dispatched and delivered with more than what they ask for —our abundance of love.

TJK Designs has expanded our products for retailers and business owners who would like to order in bulk. Bulk refers to 50 or more products and designs. If you are a business or a start-up, you may fill the form to request a quote and our representative will get back to you as soon as possible.